WELCOME to Yucca 

peace love and rock'n roll

   The funky republic of leisure, delight and rest in a friendly atmosphere  set in a lush tropical garden in front of the premier surfing resort    along the Agean sea. just across Port marina,a few minutes from the    picturestique sand beach & the surfing area, what come after waves & rays?   

    a breezy realaxed setting.Laze away tiredness swaying in a hammock. cozy     yet'alfresco dining at garden bar & cafe with fresh local favorites and   daily specialiteis.. buzzing bar scene with fine music. boozy party   atmosphere pervading in weekends.12 respectively decorated rooms. a friendly and helpful personnel in your service.this is all to say Yucca. run by barış, long time Alacati habitant,Yucca has more to live by one's own experience.. 

 Barıs Bengısu