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 Sade ve Temiz 



 SIMPLE As You See 

 Your room has been prepared    with simplicity and    cleanliness for your relaxation  


 You can find books and magazines in your    room and all over Yucca. Feel free to take them 

 to the beach with you. However, when you are    checking out, please leave them at home! 

 No TV ! 

 You may have noticed the rooms @ Yucca    do not have TV sets. This is because we    support socializing on community areas. 

Solar Energy

   Our water is heated by solar energy  

  and keeps at the same temperature level    24 hours so that you could

enjoy late    night baths as well 


 Yes. we have free wifi for you. 

 you can surf ın your room or    ın our Magıc garden. 

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